Chirofit commitment:

Purpose: To offer mining companies a highly trusted provider of specially trained chiropractors and other health care providers who provide world-class care to onsite mine workers.

Mission: To promote and maintain the general health of mine site personnel, to facilitate optimal mine site productivity, and to maintain the highest ethical and professional standards amongst Chirofit employees.

Vision: To have Chirofit regarded as the premier provider of health care to Australian mining sites.

About Us
Chirofit is a Perth-based company, which was established in 2012, by Chiropractors Dr Simon Crichton and Dr Jon Tan. Chirofit provides fly-in fly-out workers with direct access to chiropractic care and other health care services on-site. Chirofit aims to play a very important role in work place health within the Australian mining sector.

Rapid and continual growth within the Australian mining industry has created the necessity for quality health care. Chirofit coordinates the provision of many health care services such as chiropractic, occupational therapy, and massage, with a strong focus on quality, professionalism, and efficiency.

Chirofit is committed to optimising the general health and wellness of all mine site personnel. This is important in maximising company productivity by reducing absenteeism through illness or injury. All of the services that Chirofit provide are well positioned to facilitate a healthy work place, and these services will be congruent with mining company policies and procedures.

All Chirofit employees are leaders in their profession, and have all demonstrated continued clinical excellence. Chirofit also provides specialised training programs for its employees to ensure that they are well equipped to deal with the unique environment of the mine site work place. Chirofit is committed to upholding health care services of the highest quality while also maintaining the highest standards of professionalism.

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